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The global market for instant coffee is set to grow at 4.7 per cent a year through 2023 to US$14 billion from $10.4 billion in 2017, another market research company, IMARC Group, said in a report.

All this is good news for the world's largest exporters of instant coffee, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Việt Nam.

According to experts, Việt Nam has the opportunity to become the world's leading instant coffee exporter since it is the number one producer of the strong-flavoured robusta, the main variety used to make instant coffee, and its coffee industry is making efforts to improve competitiveness, quality and technology to ensure its products meet international standards.

The unique taste of Vietnamese robusta coffee has made the country the largest exporter of this variety and improved the prospects for its finished coffee products in the international arena.

Prominent among Vietnamese coffee brands is Trung Nguyên Legend, a leading name with its G7 and Trung Nguyên offerings, which is growing rapidly world-wide with its flavours that strongly spur creativity and spiritual awareness.

In the context of globalisation, Trung Nguyên Legend Group has chosen a different way to achieve its aspiration of popularising Vietnamese brands globally.

G7 coffee products are creating a strong impression on global markets. — Photo courtesy of Trung Nguyên Legend

While other reputed coffee companies see coffee as just a beverage, Trung Nguyên Legend honours coffee as something that unleashes creativity in people.

This different mindset comes from studying the history of mankind and the effect of coffee as a source of conscious energy for great men in their journey to making great discoveries.

It is the connection between the success of great people and coffee which inspires Trung Nguyên Legend to create coffee products which offer a magical source of energy that spurs human creativity to succeed.

With the best robusta coffee beans in the world and modern nano grinding technology and know-how that cannot be copied by others, G7, Trung Nguyên and Trung Nguyên Legend products of Trung Nguyên Legend have made a strong impression in over 80 countries and territories.

These products have been always selected for serving delegates at global summits such as APEC, ASEM, ASEAN, and WEF.

G7 has achieved a growth rate of nearly 200 per cent in Asia, and is distributed through supermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce channels, and pharmacies.

In China, with its strong flavour and ideal design, G7 ranks first among favourite instant coffee brands.

G7, the energy coffee, has completely conquered fastidious markets like the US and Korea and is sold in leading supermarkets in these countries such as Costco, Lotte Mart, Emart, convenience stores, and e-commerce channels.

G7 has also received a warm welcome at international fairs and exhibitions in Europe.

G7 coffee was launched in 2003 to achieve Trung Nguyên Legend’s founder and chairman Đặng Lê Nguyên Vũ’s desire to conquer the most developed markets.

Besides G7, Trung Nguyên Legend's Legend Café sữa đá has also managed to make waves in the global market, globally raising the profile of Vietnamese brands. — VNS

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